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Corona: Information in foreign languages

Here you will find important information and videos concerning the Corona crisis

STATUS April 24th 2020

  • Infected individuals in Jevnaker: 0
    Unrecorded cases are to be expected.

In line with national regulations, kindergartens have noe re-opened.
Schools, grades 1-4, will re-open Monday 27th of april
Schools, grades 5-10,  are still closed, and the students are educated from home.

The following public services and recreational spaces are also physically closed for the public:

  • JORS
    Nursing home and local hospital
  • Ljungberggården 
    Work centre
  • Jevnaker Town Hall
    Public offices, service desk, NAV Social services
  • Storgata 24 community centre
    Library, voluntary centre, arts&culture school, youth centre
  • Sports facilities
    Jevnaker stadium, sports hall, skate park, all mini-pitches and school gymnasiums

All municipal services can be reached by phone or email


Do you have questions regarding the local corona situation?

Professional health care staff answer your questions every day



Multi-lingual information from the National government

General information

General information in 24 languages  

Videos: general information

Quarantine and isolation

Information about quarantine and isolation in 24 languages

Videos about quarantine and isolation 


Norwegian institute of public health https://www.fhi.no/en/